Welcome to Cibaria Market! But first a quick lesson:

Cibaria is pronounced [si-bar-ee-uh]

Cibaria Market is a food based lifestyle concept that promotes healthy living through clean eating, including vegan/gluten free fare. We believe in food with a purpose made with organic ingredients that have certain holistic and health beneficial properties. Food should be cherished not taken for granted. We believe in supporting our local Farmers Markets. Our vegan/gluten free fare appeals to all palates. We don’t discriminate in the flavor category. We also offer a family friendly  menu, including organic hormone free chicken, grass fed beef and wild Salmon. We source ‘safe’ ingredients, using quality organic oils, no BPA canned foods, no teflon or aluminum cookware, or microwaves.

At present, we offer local meal delivery, personal chef, and catering services.  We look forward to serving and educating you on our amazing fare.

Please check out our menu for the latest offerings.


Check out our Cibaria Market Menu and our Family Friendly Menu

 minimum delivery $100


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